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Greenest coolwear company in the world
IZI BodyCooling coolwear is CO2-neutral, has zero emission and does not use any carbon dioxide. Using our coolwear does not leave any carbon footprint. As such, IZI is the greenest coolwear company in the world.

IZI Bodycooling provides all kinds of products that enable you to beat heat-stress. All of them cover the areas of the matrix down below…….
Next to the provided cooling technology, it should be easy to have the products activated, comfortable to wear, and fairly priced.

It has turned out that water has the best cooling performance. Basically we mimic the sweating process. If you get warm, your body starts to sweat. Sweat contains water, and evaporates at the skin providing you cooling. This is what we call evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling
The impact of evaporative cooling is inversely related to the relative humidity. When the humidity is high, evaporative cooling will be less effective. We have created a matrix in which we clarify which cooling technology is recommended in certain conditions: Hydrogel or Flexible PCM.


HYDROGEL products are to be used at temperatures ranging from 25-40 C and humidity up to 90%. Above these values we recommend Flexible PCM.
Hydrogel contains a water-absorbing patented polymer and water (>95%). The Hydrogel provides cooling by evaporation. Hydrogel is located between two layers of fabric. When touching a Hydrogel coolwear product you will feel the hard polymer grains. After contacting with water, the hard polymer grains will turn into a soft gel ; Hydrogel.
Hydrogel products cool for a long period of time. By means of evaporation up to 72 hours. The coolwear also contains the unique and patented 2-in-1 cooling principle. Next to evaporative cooling Hydrogel can be turned into ice.
When additional cooling is required you can place the activated (after contacting with water) Hydrogel coolwear products in the fridge. This provides 10-20 minutes of extra intense cooling. After 10-20 minutes the water will be melted and the Hydrogel products will continue to cool by evaporation. For ice-cooling make sure the fabrics should be dry first before putting the product into a a freezer.

How to use hydrogel


How to use fleece


IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM should be used at temperatures above 40 C and humidity above 90%. Below these values we will advise Hydrogel.

IZI BodyCooling is the only brand in the world providing Flexible PCM. IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM is unique over all other PCM products by using salt and water. Nearly all PCM products in the market are oil-based and will solidify into a hard block. On top of that these blocks are highly flammable. The high flammability causes danger in most industrial circumstances. For these reasons we developed a more comfortable and safe alternative.

Water and Salt
The cooling principle behind our IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM is absorbing and desorbing water to salt. Due to a unique composition our IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM remains flexible upon cooling. Therefor our IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM is comfortable to wear and safe to use being inflammable.

IZIBodycooling Flexible PCM cools you much longer than oil-based PCM products . This has 2 major reasons:

  1. IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM holds about 20% more cooling energy per kilogram than the oil-based PCM.
  2. IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM melts at 24 or 30 C, while oil-based PCM typically melts at 15-20 C. When the temperature difference is higher the PCM will melt faster. Therefore IZIBodyCooling Flexible PCM will melt slower and cools longer at temperature at 40 C or higher.
How to use pcm

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