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The cooling applications of IZI BodyCooling are countless. In every situation where you feel uncomfortable due to heat-stress our coolwear can be used. Our cooling products provide instant comfort for heated circumstances during work, sports or when suffering from medical complaints. Our slogan “ FEEL BETTER, ACHIEVE MORE ”. 

At present we already serve many applications: professional athletes, factory workers, welders, military, gardeners, rheumatic patients or patients suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or anhidrosis (no or limited sweat glands). These are just a few examples of those who can benefit from the cooling applications of IZI 

The most common cooling applications are shown below.


Working at high temperature has a negative effect on the performance of employees. By using certified industrial coolwear employees can work more comfortable and will stay focused in a cool environment. 

When using our cooling vests, the skin temperature and core temperature of the body are immediately reduced and generate comfort on the working spot. Wearing the IZI BodyCooling coolwear will make you feel much more comfortable during and after a hard day of working.



Since the IZI cooling vests were used during the Olympics 2008 in Beijing and 2012 Olympics in London, many other professional sports teams and athletes have experienced the benefits of IZI BodyCooling coolwear. The Cooling principles have been evaluated by professional organisations and athletes and were found outstanding in performance in all kinds of heat conditions. For many of them it has become an essential part of their sports outfit. We can proudly announce that our cooling technologies were selected by The Dutch National Olympic team for The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

The sports cooling vest and other cooling sportswear help you to optimize your performance, increase stamina, minimize dehydration and maximize strength in extreme hot weather conditions….you will feel better and achieve more ! All IZI BodyCooling sports coolwear have superior wearing comfort, are lightweight and cool down for a long period of time.



There is an array of illnesses and physical conditions that leave a person vulnerable to heat-stress. Some can be permanent such as MS (Multiple Sclerosis), paraplegia or rheumatism, some temporary like hot flash from menopause, headache, swelling or inflammation. But no matter the cause, the person is missing out in enjoying everyday activities. Our medical cooling products do not contain a healing power, but provide relief for chronic diseases, medical aid, injuries or other complaints. Our tests in hospitals worldwide prove the additional value of cooling and is recommend as a relevant relief for the healing process of patients. 

The safety of our products is guaranteed by a Medical CE conformity, which makes them certified as a medical aid.




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